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by Landon Fraker

An illustration of a Raven inspired by Native American "trickster" stories. Below is my own written version that goes along with the imagery in this piece:

Raven overheard the people discussing how they planned to dig the earth and steal its precious minerals. They wanted to use the minerals to create machinery to dig the earth more and more. Destroying plants and animals in the name of greed and power over all living things. The people respected only man-made creations. They cherished their flag, their language and their symbols. All things given to them by the Earth. Yet they held their symbols in higher regard than the Earth that they were born out of. And so they mined and destroyed the Earth, all for temporary "riches".

Raven decided to do something about it. "Let's see how the humans fend for themselves without one of the most powerful beings in our world.", and so Raven stole the moon, leaving a hole in the night sky.

The oceans raged and storms brewed. The people cried to Raven, "Please give us our moon back, we cannot enjoy our riches and treasures in the midst of this chaos and our loved ones are dying left and right!". Raven responded, "You fools.. you forget that the moon does not BELONG to you.. NOTHING belongs to you. You are people of the Earth, you BELONG to the Earth and only life and death are yours to take.""Please forgive us for being so foolish", the people prayed, "we get so caught up in our human pursuits that we forget where we come from." "Please return the moon so we can cherish our earthly home and be stewards of the land once more.", they said to Raven. "Sure", said Raven, "but I will continue to haunt you and will laugh at your kind when I see you about so that you never forget what I have done for you." "Haa, Haa, Haa", Raven cawed as he flew out of sight.
     ~Written by yours truly

>> 8.5" x 11": high quality print on luster photo paper

>> 13" x 19": high quality print on luster photo paper


*ALL PRINTS include a white border.



    • We accept all forms of payments, including well concealed cash & money orders.


    • We require that all payment be made within 3 days of your purchase.
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