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About the artist



Ever since I was a child I’ve been enamored by the natural world. Animals, plants, the sun and moon; they all lit a fire under my imagination. I’ve always doodled and loved to draw, but when I became a full time artist in 2016, I finally had a channel for my inspiration. I started off painting some of my favorite animals. People liked them a lot, so I continued. Adding in elements of the human condition intertwined with the lessons we can learn from animals, I found my muse. My style started off very loose, almost like throwing colors around until I thought it looked cool. I started to refine my style over the years and got more detailed, trying this or that every now and then. My love of nature combined with vivid colors flowing like water on paper, all contained by pen and ink line work, became my signature style. Being self taught I had a lot of experimenting to do to get where I am now and I am still refining my work. However, I remind myself that is the journey that is worth enjoying, not the final product or the income. I hope that my work inspires thought provoking conversations and leaves people with a sense of whimsical wonderment about the world.








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