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»High quality laminated prints on vinyl sticker paper. 
»Sizes range from 3.5" x 4" to 5"



"The 'Hands of Music' series is a continuation of my 'Jazz Hands' series that aims to honor some of my favorite musicians and the expression of life through music. I have a fascination with drawing and painting hands and the story that can be told by someones hands alone. Music has played a big role in my life; lifting my mood when I'm feeling down, helping me power through hard work and opening the doors to just let loose and forget about reality. I felt that my passion had to come through, and that I should pay tribute to the musicians that helped drive that interest into me. After all, almost every piece of artwork I've made has been fueled by music. I think that most people can relate to the freedom and self fulfilling nature of their favorite music. It is the ultimate language."     -Landon Fraker








Sticker Pack

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